Thursday, May 10, 2012

sunny side up

Until yesterday it had been months since these fingers had scratched out anything on this blog. The silence began with the season of Lent. Not purposely, but when I separated myself from the world of Facebook, most media went with it. It was lovely. And even today, especially today, I'm considering asking my knight to cancel the data package on my phone. I don't want to miss one minute with my girls and my heart aches over how many smiles I haven't returned or times I've responded without really hearing. I'm mulling it around in my head and my main deterrent is how much I love having recipes, sermons and music at my fingertips in the kitchen. For now, I'm praying and trusting God for the self control to just walk away from that which holds no weight in eternity and yet so often has such a hold on me.

But this post isn't primarily about how I need to separate myself from the prongs that the internet and my silly smartphone have on me, this post is about what we have been doing with our time this spring. Mostly, tending our little urban homestead. And because pictures are worth a thousand words, especially my words, welcome to our little house in the not so big city.

Stirring the compost tea
Greenhouse by spring, solar cooker by summer; some of our little plant starts found a perfect home.
The is one of our four chicks, Milly.
Meet all four of our cute new additions: Polly, Milly, Cassidy (in honor of our late, great German Shepherd) and Fish. And yes, Anna named Fish. But the acorn doesn't fall too far from the tree because Grandpa Gibson has a horse named Fish. And it is just suiting that Anna, who looks like and is just as crazy as Grandpa, would name a chicken after a horse named Fish.
Our new favorite past time chick watching.
All three girls helped prepare for and now care for the chickens. From cleaning the chick's brooder to building the coop for our older hens, they have been such sweet helpers.
This was taken when 0everyone was happy right before the pine shaving war.

Our fantastic little coop. Designed and built by my knight...with a little muscle from some good friends.
One of the two hens we adopted from friends. Meet Arwen. Her partner in crime Eowyn may have been off fighting Nazguls. (Addy named them after the two main heroines in Lord of the Rings.)
Our first egg. It really is magical walking outside each day to find two big brown eggs. We can't wait until there are six laying hens!
And this photo, just because I can't get enough of this little bug.

The evening we brought the chicks home and settled them in their brooder Addy whispered as she watched them "Papa, I'm so happy I could cry."  Though there are days where pine shaving wars turn into slivered eyes and walks through lush spring grass bring the squish of chicken po between ours toes, we are so grateful for all that God has entrusted to us. Mainly, our three little chicks. And for the chance to be their mama, I must say "I'm so happy I could cry."

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